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Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Curtis Faircloth

Every industry we work with has it's own unique set of needs and expectations for success.  


We know exactly what it takes to open and successfully run a public-facing airport space; how to meet tight film production timelines; innovative solutions to make the HR Director's life a little bit easier while they navigate testing for 30,000 employees; the expectations of corporate executives who can't risk their business operations halting because of a delay in test results.


We know because we've done it.


It's an expertise you only gain from experience, and one our clients have come to rely on us for. 

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Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

R. Kellie Huff, CCC-SLP

Founder and COO for TACKL Health. TACKL provides customized full-service COVID-19 solutions for the film industry, medium and large sized organizations, long term care facilities, schools and universities, the hospitality industry, and manufacturing facilities. We work to help organizations take a proactive approach to their business health, in order to stay open and operating. 

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Co-Founder, Chief Development Officer

Lauren Hetzel

The final co-founder of TACKL Health, Lauren Hetzel's career has focused on high-end hospitality,
luxury interior decor and design, and high-level sales. Her expertise within the TACKL Health
organization is in business development, specifically within the airports.
Ms. Hetzel graduated from Miami University (OH) in 2012 with degrees in Journalism and in Political
Science. Ms. Hetzel was instrumental in expanding TACKL Health into its current airports and in growing TACKL
Health into the second largest in-airport COVID-19 testing company in the United States.

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To help you live your life to the fullest, looking great, feeling awesome and tackling that bucket list.


To bring our clients well-researched, effective, healthy, non-invasive services and products to improve your health, promote longevity, reverse biological age and live a “life optimized.”


To provide high-quality and efficient experiences that save you time and money and provide you with real results you will want to share with others.


Precision Wellness is a non-invasive, non-toxic medspa and lifestyle medicine facility located in the heart of Habersham Village, Savannah, GA.


Because we focus on non-invasive procedures, there is little to no downtime.
Results may take longer to achieve but will last just as long, and the changes will be more subtle and natural-looking.


You will hear people say You look like you are aging backwards!

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