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Keeping healing current

ARP, or Accelerated Recovery Performance, uses a patented bio-electrical current, simultaneously with active range-of-motion and other exercise techniques, to significantly speed up the body's natural recuperative ability.

How does it work?

Essentially, the muscles of the body are controlled by electrical impulses. When there’s an injury a “short-circuit” develops in the muscles’ electrical system.

The technology used by ARP wave helps locate the origin of the short-circuit and then it can rapidly repair it. The short circuit in the body’s communication can be identified and actually can assist in the repair. ARPwave technologies can help correct how the body communicates with the brain to repair itself. By understanding and working in harmony with the body's muscular system, ARPwave can help your body naturally heal itself.

It’s a targeted treatment that can be used for many kinds of sports injuries, as well as acute injuries and chronic injuries.

The process is used by many professional athletes, but is also appropriate for the average person. It’s a viable treatment option for children and adults.

What are the benefits?

The ARP Wave System works on a large number of injuries and issues such as:

  • Healing injuries without surgery

  • Substantially accelerating the healing of injuries post surgery

  • Healing issues such as sprains & tears very quickly

  • Drug free fast chronic pain relief


 ARP is suitable for  conditions. that include tendonitis, carpal tunnel, golfer's elbow, joint pain, pinched nerves, and arthritis. In addition it may also provide relief for sleeplessness, headaches, fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy and sciatica.

Expertly performed by:

Lisa Niles-Meunier PT,CFE,CEAS

With an experience of more than 42 years after graduating from University Hospital of the West Indies-School of Physical Therapy in 1980, Lisa is licensed to practice in the USA and Caribbean, her treatment activities as Senior Therapist have covered Orthopedics, Cardiac Rehab, Neurotherapy (ARP-WAVE), Hand Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Pediatrics, Industrial Medicine/Ergonomics, Sports Medicine, and Athlete-performance enhancement.

Lisa focuses on philanthropy, social responsibility and humanitarian efforts.



Using the ARP  footbath or handbath protocol, comfortable direct current, applied with feet or hands in a container of water, for a total treatment time of 20 minutes.

Using the ARP  Cervical protocol, gentle active range of motion of the cervical spine is performed, followed by 12-15 minutes of complete relaxation.

Stimulation of the affected areas using the ARP Neuro-pattern reset protocol, in combination with the active painful activity successfully reduces and eliminates the painful dysfunctional movements.

Stimulation of the Recticular Activation System using the ARP RAS protocol, with comfortable direct current,  will enhance the quality of your sleep which will allow you to wake up rested and rejuvenated.

ARP Wave Direct current at a comfortable intensity is applied to the muscles that are being passively stretched ,effectively lengthening them in a controlled comfortable pain-free manner. This affords reduced potential for injury.


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