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Submerge in Relaxation

  • ARP wave Direct electric current through the water stimulates nerve endings that have been damaged from complications with diabetes, and other diseases. It also reduces footpain for athletes such as long distance runners. It tells your body to begin sending its own signals to the damaged nerves once again, bringing important cellular healing chemicals such as ATP. ARP Wave stimulation uses direct current to create an electrical field over your feet or hands with the purpose of stimulating blood flow. The positively charged electrode improves circulation and reduces swelling for your prolonged health.

  • Using the ARP  footbath or handbath protocol, comfortable direct current, applied with feet or hands in a container of water, and grounding electrodes are placed on your thighs or arms for a total treatment time of 20 minutes.

Expertly performed by:

Lisa Niles-Meunier PT,CFE,CEAS

With an experience of more than 42 years after graduating from University Hospital of the West Indies-School of Physical Therapy in 1980, Lisa is licensed to practice in the USA and Caribbean, her treatment activities as Senior Therapist have covered Orthopedics, Cardiac Rehab, Neurotherapy (ARP-WAVE), Hand Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Pediatrics, Industrial Medicine/Ergonomics, Sports Medicine, and Athlete-performance enhancement.

Lisa focuses on philanthropy, social responsibility and humanitarian efforts.

Pricing: $150.00 / 30mins


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