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Head towards Healing

  • 10 most common headache triggers- 

Food sensitivities, Hormones, Posture, Lack of physical activity, Physical activity (over-exertion), Medication, Eating & sleeping patterns, Noise, Glare, Anxiety. Inconsistent sleep patterns can lead to stress, fatigue, and anxiety.

  • Using the ARP  Cervical protocol, with comfortable direct current, applied to the base of the neck and shoulder blades, gentle active range of motion of the cervical spine is performed, followed by 12-15 minutes of complete relaxation.

Expertly performed by:

Lisa Niles-Meunier PT,CFE,CEAS

With an experience of more than 42 years after graduating from University Hospital of the West Indies-School of Physical Therapy in 1980, Lisa is licensed to practice in the USA and Caribbean, her treatment activities as Senior Therapist have covered Orthopedics, Cardiac Rehab, Neurotherapy (ARP-WAVE), Hand Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Pediatrics, Industrial Medicine/Ergonomics, Sports Medicine, and Athlete-performance enhancement.

Lisa focuses on philanthropy, social responsibility and humanitarian efforts.

Pricing: $175.00 / 40mins


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