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Part ways with Pain

  • ARPwave believes pain is a neuro pattern and to eliminate pain you must create a new neuro pattern without pain. Neuro Therapy creates a new neuro pattern without pain.

  • With ARP you have a program which will allow you to play golf, run, lift weights, play tennis, swim, play softball, baseball, soccer, cycling or almost any activity without pain. Over the past 15 years ARP Wave Neuro Recovery and Neuro Therapy has been used by thousands of the world's most elite athletes to prevent injury, and speedily recover when they do occur

  • When cells are damaged, as with a sports injury, or following surgery, the charge inside those cells changes from positive to negative. This is beneficial immediately following an injury, because it allows the body to distribute healing white blood cells. However, a continued negative charge in the area allows for the growth of scar tissue. This can keep the muscles from a full range of motion and make them more prone to further injury.   

  • Passing ARPWave bioelectric current through the negatively charged cells helps reduce the amount of scar tissue and makes for a quick recovery after getting hurt. The current allows for full elongation of the muscles and ensures a full range of motion during and after the healing process.

  • Stimulation of the affected areas  with electrodes using the ARP Neuro-pattern reset protocol, in combination with the active painful activity successfully reduces and eliminates the painful dysfunctional movements by recruiting the muscles needed to perform the activity at its true potential.

Expertly performed by:

Lisa Niles-Meunier PT,CFE,CEAS

With an experience of more than 42 years after graduating from University Hospital of the West Indies-School of Physical Therapy in 1980, Lisa is licensed to practice in the USA and Caribbean, her treatment activities as Senior Therapist have covered Orthopedics, Cardiac Rehab, Neurotherapy (ARP-WAVE), Hand Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Pediatrics, Industrial Medicine/Ergonomics, Sports Medicine, and Athlete-performance enhancement.

Lisa focuses on philanthropy, social responsibility and humanitarian efforts.


Musculoskeletal Evaluation : $250.00

Musculoskeletal Treatment : $200.00


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