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30 minutes to tighter skin, greater collagen production, decreased pores, with this FDA approved, Class 2 medical device, Perfecto X. 


Non-invasive (no downtime, scars or pain), safe and effective infraRed and LED red light (photobiomodulation) work together to achieve dramatic results in lifting, firming and contouring your face, neck and/or decolletage. 

Th is an introductory session. Results are visible after first session. For results that last 1-2 years, an average of 10 sessions are recommended.  

About RED LIGHT and InfreRed Light:  In the e 1980's NASA researchers showed that high-intensity red and near-infrared LEDs allowed for rapid plant growth in space and significantly accelerated the healing of oxygen-deprived wounds and sped the growth and proliferation of skin, bone, and muscle cell cultures in humans and animals. Today it’s thought that red and infrared wavelengths are absorbed by cytochrome C oxidase, a key enzyme in cellular metabolism, and probably by other light-sensitive chemicals, triggering a cascade of effects within the cell.  The result is improved cellular functioning and health which in turn improves skin, collagen production and oxygenations from the inside (well below the dermis) to the surface.  Scars, fine lines, and even deep lines are reduced.  Pain relief is achieved and hair follicles are stimulated to produce hair again.  Longitudinal studies have found no negative side-effects to even the daily use of red light therapy when applied as recommended. ​

Ideal Candidates for RED LIGHT THERAPY with Perfectio X

While we believe everyone can benefit from InfraRed and LED Red Light Devices, those with a desire for a safe, non-invasive, effective approach to anti-aging, who want to acheive firmer, more toned, brighter (less hyperpigmentation) and smoother skin on their face, neck and/or decolletage are the ideal candidate for the 30 minute Face Lift with Perfectio X.  

A member of our team will determine if you are a good candidate for LED light therapy during a private consultation.. You are likely a good candidate for an LED light therapy treatment if you:

  • Have hyperpigmentation, rosacea, psoriasis

  • Suffer from redness, inflammation, or other skin irregularities

  • Have fine lines or deeper wrinkle you wish to reduce without surgery or down town (as is the case with microneedling)

  • Want to avoid Botox

  • Want to maintain the results of your Botox treatment longer

  • Desire long-lasting results (results of 10 sessions last 1-2 yrs)

Procedure Technique

Your LED light therapy session will last between 20 – 30 minutes. The procedure is warm and comfortable and will not cause any pain. During your treatment session, a member of our team will cleanse and prep your skin before gently gliding the Perfectio X over your face, neck and/or decolletage. The handpiece will send wavelengths and energy through the epidermis, beyond the dermis to the hypodermis layer of your skin to promote healing and stimulate the collagen production process. 

What to expect?

During your initial session, your clinician will treat 1/2 of your face so that you may see the noticable lifting, increase in tone, firmness and reduced lines or wrinkles. Your skin may by slightly warm or red. This will go away shortly. Clients typically notice the results of smoother, softer, younger looking skin lasts for 2-3 days.  A standard course of treatment for long-lasting results is 10 sessions.  Our team may recommend several rounds of LED light therapy to help you achieve your personal aesthetic goals. During each treatment, collagen production will be stimulated and results will last longer and longer.  For your comfort and piece of mind, after the 10 session package is completed, you are welcome to come 1-2 times a month for up to 12 mths for maintenance if you feel you need it.  

Included in the 10 session package, is the option for Eye Lifting and Lip Plumping with the non-invasive Aecore device. This ia a non-invasive alternative to micro-current technology that uses high frequency vibration to acheive long-lasting results


Medium Vibration  Mode (blue light indicator) relieves fatigue, reduces the appearance of dullness to provide an instant glow, leaving skin appearing luminous.

High Vibration Lifting Mode, encourages revitalized skin, gentle heat and massage helps tighten and firm your look to give your skin a fresh and revived look.

Price for introductory session: $88.00

Price for 10 session Face Lift: $1199.00

Home use devices are available for purchase. Please speak with your clinician. 



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