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Take your burn to the next level with this variety of amino acids and vitamins! Ultra-Burn builds muscle, burns fat, increases metabolism and energy, improves brain function and helps relieve fatigue.

Boost your overall well being! This shot renews energy, helps with weight loss and the prevention of certain diseases. It also enhances healthy cells in hair, skin and nails, enhances sleep, boosts your mood and helps fight depression.

Taurine strengthens heart function, boosts energy levels and mental focus. It also helps bolster vision and prevent macular degeneration and aids in treatment of both anxiety and epilepsy.

Speed up your metabolism! A mixture of Glutamine, Arginine and L-Carnitine, this shot can improve energy levels, enhance fat loss, boost nitric-oxide levels, support the immune system and encourage lean muscle development.

Eliminate toxins and free radicals from the body — and reduce wrinkles, acne and inflammation — with a Glutathione shot.

Get back to the protein-building basics with a biotin injection. This shot contributes to the amino acid production, and can also boost your body's keratin infrastructure (which can revive hair follicles).

Put the B in “BOOST your metabolism”! Vitamin B has been shown to improve the metabolic process, and can also stimulate immune- and nervous-system function.

Ramp up your calcium absorption with a shot of D3! This shot can also help reduce fatigue, strengthen bones, improve digestion and reduce symptoms of depression.


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