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Our Nutrition DNA Test will help you discover 43 genetic traits related to your diet, eating behaviors, nutritional needs and more. The genes in our DNA help control virtually every aspect of our nutrition, from how we feel when we eat, to how we process and metabolize the nutrients and vitamins we consume.


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How can nutrition DNA testing help you?

If you want to improve your nutrition and your eating habits, our nutrition DNA test can be the guiding light to your dietary needs. Your genetic profile contains dozens of traits that provide nutritional insights for optimal health. But how does it work?


What is nutrition DNA testing?

Nutrition DNA tests involve analyzing your DNA to find out how your body responds to different foods. For example, one of your friends may easily absorb Vitamin C, but you may need to consume more of it to meet your daily requirement. This will be different for each person based on your genetic variation.

Each person will have genetic variants that cause different reactions to foods that they eat. If you understand your genetic variant, then you will know what you need to eat or do to maintain a healthy diet. After you take one of the consumer genetic tests, then you can figure out how you need to change your eating habits after seeing your test results.

Who needs these tests?

While everyone can benefit from a nutrition DNA test to better understand their bodies, our testing kits are highly recommended for anyone with potential food allergies, vitamin deficiencies, or individuals who wish to lose weight or gain muscle but struggle to find the right diet for their goals.

How does it work?

The process is as simple as ordering a kit from our lab. When it arrives after 3-5 business days, you will collect a saliva sample with a quick cheek swab provided in the kit. Then, just send it back in the prepaid mailer, and your results will be ready in 2-3 weeks.

Once you’ve looked over the results in the HIPAA-compliant client portal, you can discuss them with a physician and receive the help that you need with your diet, tailored to your genes. From here, you can work towards your different goals and improve your health.

Aspects of nutrition analyzed...

The test will analyze various aspects of your nutrition as your body will react differently. Some traits we test include:

  • Food sensitivity and allergies:
    Do caffeine and alcohol affect you more than those around you? Do you suspect gluten or lactose to be a culprit in your discomfort? Our test can determine foods or beverages that you may benefit from limiting in your diet.

  • Metabolic health factors:
    Your genes indicate how well your body metabolizes fats and sugars, which can lead to high levels of bad cholesterol or blood glucose.

  • Vitamin deficiencies:
    Just because you eat foods high in certain vitamins and minerals doesn’t mean that your body is able to properly absorb and process them.

  • Eating behaviors:
    Have you ever eaten a substantial meal but still felt hungry afterward? Or maybe you struggle with poor appetite? Your genes can have a significant impact on your satiety and cravings, which can lead to weight changes.

Understanding how your body responds to these factors can allow you to take the appropriate measures to optimize your diet and health. Order your nutrition DNA test today.

Price: $165.00


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