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Breathe deeper, feel better

Oxygen bars use a system to deliver concentrated oxygen at a rate of up to 95%. This purified oxygen can be combined with an optional scent, offering aroma-therapeutic benefits that promote positive emotions and moods.

What are the benefits?

  • Increased energy levels — Feel more refreshed with more air flow whether you are out, at home or at work.

  • Improved sports performance — achieve optimal performance with increased conversion of fats, carbs, proteins and sugars to energy and heat.

  • Stress reduction, increased concentration and mood — a cheery outlook can be achieved, as well as increased focus and clarity with purified oxygen and essential oils.

  • Reduce symptoms of migraine and headache — a rise in oxygen can alleviate the symptoms of headache and migraine.

  • Increased sleep quality — purified oxygen can assist in alleviating sleep apnea.

  • Weight loss benefits — increased metabolic function and circulation can result from more oxygen.

How is the treatment done?

When you arrive, you’ll be presented with a selection of aromas or flavors, and a staff member will explain the benefits of each aroma. Most are fruit scents or essential oils for aromatherapy.


Once you make your selection, you’ll be taken to a recliner or other type of comfortable seating.


A cannula, which is a flexible tube that splits into two small prongs, fits loosely around your head and the prongs rest just inside the nostrils to deliver the oxygen. Once turned on, you breathe normally and relax.

Pricing: $15 / 15mins


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