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Boo-tiful You!

Updated: Oct 24

Kids Halloween Fest at Precision Wellness

For Kids:

Jelly-Pedi: This “spa experience” is so fun for kids. Bright colors, (plastic) spiders and eyeballs floating in a brightly colored gel is the perfect foot treatment for little feet. Its gentle exfoliation is free of harmful chemicals or preservatives. Feels great, fun, interactive! $10.00

Halloween Nails: Our nail polish is non-toxic, 10-Free, vegan, PETA certified. Fun Halloween colors and simple designs to compliment your Halloween costumes! $10.00

***Bonus!! A New 10inch Tablet: FREE Unlimited Talk, Text & Data; No Contract, No Commitment; Fast Nationwide LTE/5G Network: Federal Affordable Connectivity Program. Qualify in 5 minutes $10 co-pay*

Costume Contest! Treats! Gifts and Spin the Wheel Drawings! Fun all Day!

For Parents:

Decompression Sessions: 30 minutes of relaxation, ahhh.... Fully complimentary

Whole Body Cryo: 3 minutes of chill - full day of thrill $30

B12 Shot: $25

MegaBurn IM Injection: $35

Luxury Foot Soaks: Pamper your feet along with your little one $25

Spooky Snacks, Drinks, Gifts and Drawings!

Saturday, October 28, 2023 10:00-2:00

Call ahead to schedule your appointment.

Walk-Ins Welcome Too

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