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Love your weight loss with Semaglutide but hate the other side effects?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

#1 Daily GLP-1 Agonist Support Vitamin*

  • Supports Energy Levels*

  • Aids In Nausea & Abdominal Discomfort*

  • Supports Weight Loss/Weight Management*

  • Promotes Better Metabolism*

  • Promotes Adherence To GLP-1 Peptide Therapy

  • Supports Muscle Mass Increase*

What makes PeptideVite™ so amazing?

Physician and Pharmacist formulated with research-backed natural ingredients to aid patients using Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists. PeptideVite™ is specifically formulated with a liposomal proprietary blend of 17 key vitamins, minerals, and herbs in optimal & bioavailable dosage. Clinically crafted to promote a reduction in side effects, promote adherence and support an improvement in clinical outcomes.

Why is PeptideVite™ highly recommended when using GLP-1 Agonists such as semaglutide?

Commonly when using a GLP-1 Agonist such as semaglutide, patients will experience the following side effects; nausea, gastrointestinal pain, excessive gas, stomach discomfort, acid reflux, vomiting, and especially fatigue (tiredness). PeptideVite™ was clinically crafted to promote a reduction of side effects. By reducing side effects, it will naturally promote better health outcomes and results while using a GLP-1 Agonist*

What can PeptideVite™ help with?

  • Supports positive energy levels*

  • Aids in chronic fatigue *

  • Aids in nausea & abdominal discomfort*

  • Supports weight loss & weight management*

  • Promotes better metabolism*

  • Supports muscle mass increase*

  • Promotes adherence to GLP-1 peptide therapy*

How long will it take to see results?

Every patient is different, but some will notice immediate relief from PeptideVite™, especially related to nausea and abdominal gas. While most others it may take 3-4 weeks of continual usage before noticing a difference. The key ingredients take time to build up in your body in order to be optimally effective. We recommend using it once daily and avoid skipping doses. Continue using Peptide daily while on GLP-1 agonists therapy to achieve best results*.

Do physicians often recommend using supplements while using GLP-1 peptide therapy such as Ozempic® (semaglutide) and Mounjaro® (tirzepatide)?

Yes, supplements aid in combating side effects associated with injectable GLP-1 peptide therapy. For example, several research studies note that Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) aids in the treatment tolerance with GLP-1 agonists. Two of the most common adverse side effects of Ozempic® (semaglutide) are nausea and hypophagia*.

Are there any major interactions or contraindications of using Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists such as Ozempic® (semaglutide) and Mounjaro® (tirzepatide) with PeptideVite™?

There are no known interactions. The ingredients in PeptideVite™ have been cross-checked in the May 2023 Medscape drug interactions checker with no known interactions. There is a caution of hypoglycemia associated with Chromium, an ingredient in PeptideVite™. Avoid taking any of these herbal supplements in combination with Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists, as they may increase your risk of hypoglycemia:

  • prickly pear cactus

  • bitter melon

  • gymnema

  • banaba

  • white mulberry

More Information

For more information, or to purchase a 2 month supply of PeptideVite click here.

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