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Our Non-Toxic Nail Services

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

At Precision Wellness, we care. We care about your health. We care about the health of our employees. We care about our planet. And, while we can’t deny how great a fresh manicure makes us feel, what we really love is clean, healthy, natural nails.

We do our research, and we only use nail salon products that are as nontoxic and clean as possible without sacrificing performance. We will never use a product on you that we wouldn’t use on ourselves, or our children. That is our promise. These details make the difference:


At Precision Wellness, we only use polishes that are 5-free or better. That means that at a minimum, they are free of the 5 most toxic ingredients commonly found in most conventional nail polish: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), and Toluene. Our regular polish, Zoya is 10 Free and our gel polish, BioSeaWeed is 5 Free.

We do not offer Acrylic, SNS Powder, Dip Gel, conventional gel services, or even conventional nail polish. All products used within our nail services are expertly-vetted to be clean of toxic ingredients as well as cruelty-free, gluten-free or vegan.

Waterless Manicure

Yep! Our nails are alive, and they are very porous. Did you know that nails can absorb up to 25% of their weight in water in a single soak? During a typical manicure, each hand soaks for about 5 minutes, making nails softer, and even more porous, and then toxic products are applied one after another. If that sounds counterintuitive to you, we agree. Also, if you ever wondered why your polish peels off so soon after a manicure, the water is probably to blame. Polish can’t fully adhere to a soft, “wet” nail. Our nontoxic manicures and pedicures keep nails healthy from start to finish with nontoxic nail polishes and medical-grade nail salon procedures.


Precision Wellness takes sanitization seriously. We use freestanding pedicure bowls – the jets of whirlpool baths at typical nail salons are breeding grounds for bacteria – which are cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants after each use. Precision Wellness uses all stainless steel tools (clippers, nippers, and pushers) are sterilized between use. All non-metal tools, such as files, buffers and orange wood sticks, are single use.


In some states, old nail polish is considered hazardous waste, and it is illegal to put it in the trash. We encourage our customers to bring in old nail polish bottles from any brand, and we’ll dispose of them through the proper channels. For every bottle you recycle with us, you will receive 10% off a new bottle of 5-free-or-better nail polish at Precision Wellness.

Glass Nail Files

Once you switch, you will never go back. Ordinary nail files create tiny fractures at the edge of the nail, which can weaken the nail and cause it to split, peel and chip. The Water Room exclusively uses glass files, which are so hard and the filing surface so extremely fine- you can file in any direction without damaging the nail; it actually seals the layers of keratin together. Glass nail files can also be sanitized and sterilized, which make them one less thing we have to throw in the trash! Effective, pretty and eco-friendly.

Cuticle Care

Cuticles serve an important purpose! Cuticles protect nails from infection; when they are removed, the nail is left vulnerable to bacteria and fungus. Trimming or cutting live cuticles is done for aesthetic purposes only; this practice makes your cuticles grow back faster and fray more easily. At Precision Wellness, we push back the cuticle of the nail and only lightly trim hangnails and loose dead skin. After a few consecutive services with us, the condition of your cuticles is very likely to improve. See Precision's nontoxic-based difference today.


Our prices may be slightly higher than those at a typical nail salon, and we are happy to tell you why. First, Precision's nontoxic products cost more than conventional brands. We have carefully selected natural products that are free of cheap, synthetic filler ingredients that could harm your skin, nails, health, and the health of our employees. Second, we pay our employees fairly. Our licensed, professional nail technicians work extremely hard, and we couldn’t meet our customers’ needs without them. They deserve a decent wage, a healthy environment, and respect for their skills. We proudly stand behind our ethos – and our prices.

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