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Personalized Weightloss at Precision Wellness

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

2023 is Your Year. And we are all about helping you make it the best one yet.

Hello 2023 - The Year of Me!

Tired of hearing “Eat less, exercise more”, “Try this gym, that diet, this new mirror” “You just need to be more disciplined” “Go plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free”?

You know your body is unique and unlike any other. Personalized weightloss is as unique as you. And it works.

At Precision Wellness, we know weight loss is far more complicated than a one-size-fits-all program.

When you come to Precision, we craft your unique Weight Optimization Protocol.

We start with some very cool, cutting edge assessments that are unlike anything you've seen. And we work with you to select the weightloss tools that fit your lifestyle needs and goals.

Below, you'll find a listing of our assessments and tools available for your Weight Optimized Protocol. At your initial consultation, these options are reviewed and then curated into your 6 week Weight Optimization Protocol. And the most beautiful part is the weekly analysis of progress. If progress begins to plateau, we tweak your protocol and help you get back on track. We partner with you so that success is your inevitable result. Becasue your success is our success.

Take a look, then schedule your Try Before You Buy Consultation here.

And by the way, each of the following are available for purchase as stand alone weight loss tools. Each are exceptional, and best-of-class tools.


Precision Wellness by TACKL Health is also a CLIA certified lab and a LabCorp satellite test site. This means we can provide testing on-site as well as a quick turn around for results and reports - which means you have the information you need as quickly as possible at an affordable price.

DNA Nutritional Assessment – While everyone can benefit from a nutrition DNA test to better understand their bodies, our testing kits are highly recommended for anyone with potential food allergies, vitamin deficiencies, or individuals who wish to lose weight or gain muscle but struggle to find the right diet for their goals.

Take the guesswork out of your health. Vessel Vitamin 3 minute test assesses across 15 health metrics, from nutrition and hydration to toxin and stress levels to help you feel, look, and perform better.

Hormone Level Testing: Available to those interested in Hormone Replacement Therapy with Dr. John Bennett or or determine if hormone are a significant contributor to your weightloss challenges.

Other Available tests include:

SECA Biometric Assessment:

Bioimpedance analysis trusted by the medical profession.

Weightloss Tools:

Contour Light with Red and Infrared Light Whether your goal is improved health, fat loss, a more attractive body – or all three – red light therapy via the FDA approved Contour Light system is an excellent, healthy component to your protocol.

IV Infusion Drip your way to enhanced weightloss! Our IV options are specially formulated to assist with meeting your weightloss goals. Increase metabolism, burn fat, support vitamin levels, have more energy, feel great!

IM shots Don't have time or an IV? Our intermuscular injections are quick, basically painless ways of receiving many of the same supplements and vitamins: Ultra Burn, GAC, B12, Lipo+C and more.

Hormone Replacement Therapy with our Medical Director, Dr. John Bennett. Check hormone levels, then optimize your levels. Benefits include sharper mind, increased energy, improved heart health, increased muscle mass, stronger bones, increased libido, decreased fat mass, improved emtional and mental health.

Exercise: It's as unique as you and Savannah offers year-round and numerous options. We help you find the best options that achieve your goals and match your lifestyle and interests. From a DNA test that provides an indepth look into your personal metabolism, the strength of your core muscles and joints as well as how efficient your body is at processing oxygen and more, to personal trainers, free passes and discounts to affliliated local gyms and studios, as well as on-site 15 minute workout with our EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Training) system to boost oxygen levels and metabolism and burn up to 30% more calories.

Detox: An effective antidote to all the rich foods and beverages of the holiday season. Precision Wellness offers easy options for detoxing your system including luxurious detoxing foot baths with massage, Normatec Compression Boots, Quicksilver Gentle Toxin Drainage and Clearing, Lymphatic drainage facials (to decrease puffy eyes - a classic sign our body needs lymphatic drainage) and our complimentary hydrogen enriched, ultra filtered, ionized alkaline mineral water with 5 levels so you can avoid the detox headache. Bring your water containers and fill them so you can enjoy this great water at home.

Whole Body Cryotherapy: One session increases metabolism, ATP production, balances hormones, floods your system with oxygen and endorphines, burns 100s of calories and leaves you feeling great all day. Research shows it's an effective method for reducing abdmonial obesity in menopausal women with metabolic syndrome.

Quicksilver Liposomal Supplements: Losing any significant amount of weight will have multiple effects on your body. We recommend Quicksilve Liposomal Supplements, created through nanotechnology to improve their bio-availability for superior absorption.

Registered Dietician, Adrienne Campbell with Campbell Nutrition Group is available for Nutrition Coaching- and she's wonderful!

Prescription Weight Loss Medicine: Phentermine and the newest weight loss medication, Semaglutide (aka, Ozympic or Wegovy) are monitored and available via prescription only. They are often not the first choice. But for some clients, test results indicate they are the most effective option for weight loss.

Lumen: The Lumen is a simple to use metabolism tracker. It uses a CO2 senser and flow meter to determine the CO2 concentration in a single breath. This indicates the type of fuel your body is using to produce energy (carbohydrates or fat) which is a main indicator of metabolic health state. Lumen trains your metabolism to use the food you eat more efficiently. When your metabolism is more flexible, you are better able to burn fat instead of carbs, leading to weight loss.

Nutrisense Biometric 24/7 blood glucose monitor: Analyze in real-time how your glucose levels respond to food, exercise, stress, and sleep. Optimize your metabolism with data insights and support.

The Lumen and Nutrisense are excellent home use tools and Precision can provide you with discounted pricing options.

Start here with a Free In-Person or Virtual Consultation.

"Hello 2023 - The Year of Me!"

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