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Precision Wellness launches line of Fast, Casual Facials.

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

More frequently we see women and men wanting expert skincare without the typical price tags and time commitments required at traditional day or resort spas.

More people are looking for ways to incorporate self-care into their busy schedules. To meet this new demand, boutique skincare concepts with quickie facials and monthly membership options are becoming increasingly popular.

Some of the Precision Fast Casual Facials: 30-minute Face Lift, 30-minute versions of our 60- or 90-minute custom facials, and even the Power Lunch (a facial incorporating CryoTherapy, a B12 shot and lunch from one of the fabulous Habersham Village restaurants). The goal is to help fit skincare into our busy lives. No longer are we going to a resort or day spa for hours of pampering. Now, we stop by for a 30-minute facial on the way home from work, without needing to change into a robe, wash our hair or sneak out the back door because our face is bright red. 30-minute Fast, Casual Facials start at $45.00. Monthly memberships start at $79.00 and include 2 Fast Casual Facials or 1 manicure and 1 pedicure, plus a host of other offerings, per month.

At Precision Wellness in Savannah, we have taken the facial out of the spa to create a modern and upbeat atmosphere. Our objective is to help you achieve your skincare goals through personalized treatments, curated home care routines, and guidance from our licensed estheticians. For clients who want more significant results, still through natural, non- or minimally invasive treatments, we offer 6-week Skin Rejuvenation Protocols and Hair Restoration (Re-Growth) Protocols incorporating analysis, deep assessments, IV hydration/Vitamin Injections, Supplements and specialized Techniques and Technologies conducted by our estheticians and RNs to achieve long term improvement in skin quality, texture, tone, clarity, decreased outbreaks and wrinkles, increased collagen and resulting in a far more youthful appearance and healthier skin and hair.

Before your 30-minute facial begins, estheticians do a brief skin analysis and consultation with you. The type of Fast Facial is determined from the analysis and consult. You may also select from “enhancements,” such as LED light therapy, chemical peels such as the VIPeel, micro-needling, infrared therapy, cryotherapy and microcurrent or high-frequency therapy – knowing these will increase the length of the appointment.

Your esthetician may recommend a home-care routine that includes our skincare lines from Alchimie Forever of Switzerland, Young Goose*, Calecim*, Defenage* or Yaupon Apothecary Botanicals. (*exclusively available through MedSpas due to percentage of effective ingredients).

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