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Sweet Deals for You and Your Valentine!

Buy One and Get a Wonderful 50% Off the Second on These Sweet Services!

MANICURES AND PEDICURES - Always natural, non-toxic, safe for you and the environment. You wont believe how wonderful your nails can be when you say GoodBye to harsh, toxic ingredients. At Precision Wellness, we only use polishes that are 5-free or better. That means that at a minimum, they are free of the 5 most toxic ingredients commonly found in most conventional nail polish: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), and Toluene. Our regular polish, Zoya is 10 Free and our gel polish, BioSeaWeed is 5 Free.

Pricing: Individuals: $35-$50 One and Wonderful for Two: $52-$75

Luxury Foot Soaks: This month we introduce Luxury Foot Soaks to pamper your soles. Indulge in the best part of a pedicure, add a Spirited (or Non-Spirited) beverage and a Hot Stone Massage and you are ready for the rest of the day. Individuals $35; One and Wonderful for Two $52

Habersham Heels (Detoxing)

Toes on Tybee (Soothing)

Starland Sole (Invigorating)

RiverStreet Rush (Exfoliating)

Feet on Forsythe (Runners Soak)

and the always fun Jelly Pedi for kids and kids at heart

Facials for Two: Whether you want a 30 minute Fast and Casual Facial, a Power Lunch (CryoFacial, B12 shot and Healthly Smoothie) or Vi Peel or a luxourious 60 minute facial with hot stones and shoulder and arm massage, we can hook you up. Couples times are limited, please call to schedule.

Individuals $45 - $350; One and Wonderful for Two $67 - $520

If you've been curious about Vitamin Injections and and IV Infusions, this is the time to try them! Bring a friend and enjoy your time together doing something good for your bodies. Not sure what your body needs? We have the Vessel vitamin test to measure you levels of several common nutrients.

Individuals: $35 - $350; One and Wonderful for Two $52 - $530

Optimize your well-being in 30 minutes by Stacking the Optims. Need more energy? Want to relax and unwind? How about that nagging pain? We offer non-invasive, healthy, medical grade and FDA approved BioHacking devices we like to call Optims. Stack 3 together and 30 minutes later you are renewed!

Individual: $45; One and Wonderful for Two $67

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