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Unlock The Power of Your Health with Vessel's Vitamin Test

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Have you ever thought about what your body is telling you? Do you find yourself tired often, struggling to concentrate, or lacking energy to get through the day? It might not be as simple as a bad night's sleep. Your body could be sending signals of vitamin deficiencies. The solution lies in understanding these signals, and Vessel's Vitamin Test is designed precisely for that!

At Precision Wellness, we love the Vessel Vitamin Test! Here's why:

Vessel is the next generation of health and wellness. This innovative Vitamin Test kit brings laboratory-grade insights to your fingertips. Imagine being able to identify and rectify nutrient deficiencies from the comfort of your home. No more second guessing, no more generalized vitamin recommendations - just personalized data for your unique health needs.

With Vessel's Vitamin Test, our clients gain more control over their health.

They are able to:

  • Determine vitamin deficiencies: Find out exactly what your body's vitamin levels are, be it Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, Biotin, Vitamin

  • Discover levels of Cortisol, Sodium, Ketones and Hydration

  • Get personalized recommendations: Our nurses, physicians, registered dietician and health coaches provide insight into how your vitamin levels effect your daily life. That's not all! The Vessel system also sends personalized recommendations based on your unique profile.

  • Monitor your progress: Track your nutrient levels over time and see the impact of your dietary changes.

  • Save money when you learn which supplements you need to boost and which ones are maintained adequately through diet and nutrition.

Imagine waking up feeling rejuvenated, with more focus during your work day, and an overall improved wellbeing. All this is possible with the insights you will gain from Vessel's Vitamin Test and your Precision Wellness team.

Your journey towards understanding your body and taking control of your health starts with one step. Take that step today. Visit the Precision Wellness Store to get your Vitamin Test kit $15.00 for 1; $48.00 for a pack of 4.

Watch the video below to see how simple the 3 minute Vessel Vitamin test is to use and some of the helpful information and personalized information it provides.

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