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Your Personal Transformation 2024

Whether you want to reverse your biological age, improve your health, lose weight, find an exercise plan you fall in love with instead of one you give up on by March or are just curious, we have so many options for gaining insight into your body. All are backed by science.

Creating a personal transformation plan for the upcoming year is a popular and effective way to set goals and make changes in one's life. With advances in technology, particularly in the field of genetics, it's now possible to tailor such plans based on individual genetic makeup. In this context, let's explore the benefits of using specific genetic tests like TruDiagnostic Epigenetic Testing and Dynamic DNA testing for Nutrition, Fitness, Cannabis, Personality, and Skin in creating a personal transformation plan for 2024.

1. TruDiagnostic Epigenetic Testing

In the above photo I've listed my chronological age and my biological age as measured by the TruDiagnostic Epigenetic DNA test. From the detailed report, I also learned I have a low chance of developing cancer or diabetes over the next five years. I am considered an "intermediate responder" to calorie restrictive diets, my body responds well to strength training, and I have an avergage tendancy to regain weight after losing it if I don't make lifestyle changes.

Although this is a blood test, certain fitness markers are available such as V02max, FEV1, Gait Speed and Grip Strength: These markers are associated healthspan, independent living, longevity, bone density, memory, fall risk, and much more. My test showed I have an above average likelihood for high V02Max and my OMICm FitAge is 2 years younger than my chronological age. V02Max and OMICm scores are also coorelated with general memory and verbal short term memory. Due to research in Alzheimer's disease, strong scores in these fitness markers indicates less likelihood of declining general memory and verbal short term memory.

Understanding Your Genetic Age: Epigenetic testing, like that offered by TruDiagnostic, provides insights into your biological age, which can differ from your chronological age. This information is crucial in understanding how your lifestyle choices and environment have impacted your body at a cellular level.

Targeted Health Strategies: By knowing your biological age, you can tailor your transformation plan to focus on areas that might need more attention. For example, if your biological age is higher than your chronological age, you might prioritize activities and diet changes that are known to have anti-aging effects.

Monitoring Progress: Epigenetic testing can be repeated over time to monitor how effective your transformation strategies are in improving your biological age, providing a tangible metric to track your progress.

Nutrition Personalization: The test will analyze various aspects of your nutrition as your body will react differently. Some traits we test include:

  • Food sensitivity and allergies:

  • Metabolic health factors:

  • Vitamin deficiencies:

  • Eating behaviors:

You can modify your exercise plans based on your body’s natural tendencies towards exercise performance. For example, there are two main types of skeletal muscle fibers in the body: slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Slow-twitch muscle fibers help with activities related to endurance, such as running a marathon.

Fast-twitch muscle fibers, on the other hand, support activities involving quick bursts of energy, such as jumping jacks.

This DNA test shows whether you have a larger amount of fast-twitch muscle fibers or slow-twitch muscle fibers. In other words, the DNA test will reveal which genetic variant you lean towards. Learning more about how quickly your body is able to recover from intense exercise will allow you to plan out an exercise routine that will not leave you recovering for days. Instead, you will understand how hard you should push yourself and when to stop.

This test shows how fast or slow your metabolism is, the strength of your joints, and your body build. Do you have a petite, small frame or a larger, thicker frame? The results help streamline your workouts.

For those considering cannabis for medical use, genetic testing can provide information on how your body might react to different strains or types of cannabis, helping to ensure a safer and more effective use.

Genetic testing can also guide you in choosing skin care products and routines that are most effective for your skin ty

pe, helping to improve skin health and appearance.

7) SECA biometric monitoring device

This Medical Grade scale represents a significant advancement in the realm of personal health tracking, offering a comprehensive and detailed overview of an individual's physical condition.

Whereas the above tests can be mailed to your home, this device requires a visit to Precision Wellness. Good news, there's no charge and you are welcome to stop by anytime and hop on.

This sophisticated device excels in its ability to provide accurate and extensive body composition analysis, including metrics such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, and water weight. These insights are invaluable for anyone looking to monitor their health closely, particularly for individuals engaged in weight loss, fitness programs, or medical treatments that require precise body composition tracking.

Additionally, the SECA device stands out for its ease of use and non-invasive nature. By offering real-time data, the SECA enables users to make informed decisions about their diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle choices, fostering a proactive approach to health management. This level of detailed biometric feedback can be a game-changer for health professionals, personal trainers and clients alike, allowing for more tailored health and wellness plans, and ensuring a deeper understanding of the effects of various health interventions.

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