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like a Pro

Support your next epic workout. Recover from your last grueling event. Everything you need to recover faster and prep for the next. You have the heart of a warrior, give your body the support it wants to achieve your goals.

Remember to #ThanksPrecisionWellness (or just #TPW) when you cross that finish line!

Includes -

Amino Acid 8.5%; Ascorbic Acid 2.5gm; Calcium Gluconate 600mg; Calcium Pantothenate 100mg; Magnesium Chloride 800mg;
Methylcobalamin 10mg (B12); Taurine 300mg; Zinc Sulfate 10mg; Panthenol 8mg; Thiamine 100mg; Pyridoxine 100mg; Riboflavin 4mg; Niacinamide 100mg.


This formula is pre-mixed at our certified compounding pharmacy in a 50mL vial and added to
500-1000mL bag of NaCl 0.45%-0.9% (Sodium Chloride/Saline Solution)


Members: $235.00

Non-members: $325.00


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